Why swimmers need swim snorkel for swimming

Most swimmers want to swim faster all what they need is swim snorkel for swimming.

While there are a variety of tools to help improve technique, symmetric snorkels are amongst the most effective ones.

Symmetric swim snorkel for swimming come in two forms. 1 of the designs puts the snorkel at the center, placing a single tube directly in front of the nose of the swimmer. These became popular all over the world in different swimming training programs.

Recently, engineers have improved this design by creating swim snorkel for swimming with two air pipes, such as the Ameo Powerbreather. This snorkel has a tube on each side of the head, both attached to a mouthpiece for inhaling and exhaling.

Why is this so significant?  With a single tube, each breath contains a mix of carbon dioxide and oxygen, whereas the Ameo Powerbreather allows you to breathe clean air through both tubes and blow carbon dioxide (CO2) through the mouthpiece, guaranteeing the oxygen needed for peak performance. In addition, by allowing you to essentially breathe underwater, symmetrical snorkels assist with the identification of technical problems that you did not know you had, and also help in solving them. In particular, symmetric snorkels such as the Ameo Powerbreather help with the following points:

  1. Improving an already good technique

Many swimmers find that using the Ameo Powerbreathe swim snorkel for swimming to focus on the technique during warm-ups affects their ability to maintain a good technique in the main workout, and therefore swim faster.

  1. Developing pelvic thrust

Most swimmers can benefit from increased use of their abdominal muscles as opposed to unnecessary impulses from the pelvis. By allowing the swimmer to breathe underwater, the Ameo Powerbreather gives the swimmer opportunity to combine both the abdominal and pelvic muscles to improve swimming.

  1. Balancing basin rotation

Since each swimmer has a tendency toward a preferred side of breath, we tend to perform asymmetrical swimming. You’re probably moving more toward your preferred breathing side, which causes other parts of the body to compensate for over-rotation (for example, a small scissors cross-kick). By eliminating the need to turn around to breathe, the Ameo Powerbreather Snorkel strengthens the rotation evenly on each side.

  1. Helps achieve a proper head position

Raising your head even by a millimeter pushes your hips down and contributes to the wrong body position. Since there is no need to turn around to breathe with the Powerbreaker, you can practice swimming with a steady head, and a nose pointing to the bottom of the pool.

  1. Help make faster turns

Many swimmers turn their heads to breathe before turning, which decreases the speed they get to the wall at, thus slowing the rotation. Training with the Ameo Powerbreather helps swimmers get used to a direct entry without turning the head. In addition, the snorkel has valves on the pipes that help prevent water from entering into the snorkel. Unlike the other snorkels which require you to exhale out after the turn, the Ameo Powerbreather lets you exhale underwater as you do without snorkeling and then directly breathe in when you break the surface of the water.

  1. Teaches you to exhale

If you’ve ever known someone in good shape from sports other than swimming who told you that swimming has left them with “no air,” it’s probably because they did not exhale underwater. An important part of proper swimming is a complete exhale when the face is in the water so that when you turn to breathe all you have to do is inhale (if you need to exhale first, you are wasting important time).

In addition, with the Ameo Powerbreather we exhale through the mouthpiece, which causes the bubbles to float next to your face and ears, just as happens when you breathe underwater without a snorkel.

  1. Provides training for the lung and diaphragm

The Powerbreather’s air intake membranes have single-directional membranes which allow the air to flow in but prevent water from entering the snorkel. These membranes provide a slight resistance when inhaling which ultimately strengthens the diaphragm and increases lung volume. When using a central snorkel with just one pipe, during the breathing process the residual carbon dioxide left in the pipe during exhale re-enters the body. The double pipe design of the Powerbreather allows you to inhale clean air, which provides the optimal amount of oxygen your muscles require during training.

About Ameo Powerbreather

The Ameo Powerbreather swim snorkel for swimming system was developed by Mathias Weigner, an enthusiastic swimmer who believed there must be some way to “move easily and freely in water.”  A few years later, in collaboration with Ameo, they were able to develop the Powerbather. The goal of the Powerbreather is to expand underwater possibilities for triathletes, professional swimmers, amateurs, and wildlife researchers in a way that never existed before. The Powerbreather is designed in Germany and comes in three different configurations.